Retail Advertising - Reaching target audiences where they shop

 Flashgate is bringing Digital Out of Home ("DOOH") advertising to the front door of retail stores, delivering a great brand message in a trusted shopping experience. With DOOH as a trusted advertising platform for millennials and a very effective way to target all demographics, Flashgate technology gives brands the ability to target customers where they shop at retail.


The Best Advertising Real Estate in Retail

Flashgate's advertising pedestals combine LED display screens with integrated anti-theft technology, replacing the retailers' legacy anti-theft systems at the front door of the store. The Flashgate Pedestal is the first thing customers see as they enter the retail store. The bright, wide angle viewing LED screens mean the advertising can easily be seen by all customers as all retail foot traffic must pass in and out of the retailers’ front entrance. Flashgate owns this space based on providing the retailer with the most advanced anti-theft system available today!


Every Flashgate Pedestal has its own Story

Each Flashgate Pedestal is identified by its geo-coordinates with precise latitude and longitude. Furthermore, each pedestal has specific demographic information for the type of store and the surrounding trading area, as well as age, gender and ethnicity. Traffic counts are integral to the Flashgate experience and the Flashgate Pedestal delivers accurate traffic counting capabilities. Flashgate's Cloud-Based Dashboard delivers traffic metrics in real time to the retailer and Flashgate rolls up this information for delivery to brands.

analytics interface.png

Flashgate Marketing Platform

Individual Flashgate Pedestals in the retail stores securely connect to the Flashgate Marketing Platform multiple times a day and download the required assets booked for it. The Flashgate renders its playlist and displays the appropriate advertising on the agreed upon schedule. Brands select which retail locations they wish to advertise at or Flashgate can build a customized location list for them. Brands need to supply Flashgate with advertising images in JPEG or MPEG format, 72 hours in advance of the first scheduled play.