Flashgate Loss Prevention Technology

Flashgate offers the best in loss prevention technology to retailers at the lowest possible price. By combining Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) with digital display technology, Flashgate delivers a unique business model whereby the retailer can get a cutting edge Flashgate system for no capital expenditure.



Flashgate compared to existing loss prevention systems


  • Detects Tags up to 48”
  • Integrated Traffic Counting
  • Integrated 1080p Video Capture
  • Internet Connected
  • False Alarm Filtering
  • Mobile App marketing beacon
  • Dual Hi-Res Digital Signage Displays – Patent Pending
  • Cloud-Based Dashboard

Legacy System

  • Detects Tags up to 40”
  • Traffic Counting add-on available
  • Video Capture add-on available


Flashgate Analytics

Flashgate delivers an easy-to-use cloud-based interface which provides a real-time view on a battery of analytics for each store or across all stores. Assess data metrics across cities, regions, states, etc in any view which makes sense for your business. Track key objectives across all locations and obtain complete visibility on customer demographics and behavior as well as loss prevention metrics.

Every Flashgate system comes standard with precision optics cameras and on-board computer processing power. Flashgate Analytics utilizes this in-store processing power to deliver accurate and pertinent data to the cloud-based reporting systems.

There are two levels of Flashgate Analytics: Flashgate Dashboard and Flashgate Enterprise

Flashgate Dashboard

Flashgate Dashboard comes standard with every Flashgate deployment. Flashgate Dashboard delivers the retailer a real-time look at the overall health and well-being of their system, as well as customer traffic patterns and security events. Powerful data management features allow the retailer to look at slices of data to calculate conversion and/or loss events over specific time periods.  Seeing trends in traffic and measuring conversion when specific employees are working are key uses of this system. Traffic count is crucial to react to the customer and allowing management to schedule staff and/or security levels based on customer volume and demand.  Real time updates deliver alerts for any number of predefined events.

The core features of Flashgate Dashboard are:

  • System health (is system on, is it functioning to specification etc)
  • Security event notifications
  • Customer traffic analytics
  • Security event analytics
  • Video of security events playback and storage
  • Marketing Platform integration

Flashgate Enterprise

Flashgate Enterprise is an advanced biometrics and analytics platform which delivers retailers an even better understanding of their customer. Flashgate Enterprise, combined with the instore processing power within the Flashgate pedestal, delivers a distinct advantage over other solutions. Every Flashgate system ships with the base Flashgate Dashboard for security event and traffic pattern analysis. The optional Flashgate Enterprise capabilities can be turned on over the air at any given time and delivers the retailer access to advanced customer data. The additional data delivered by Flashgate Enterprise’s big data analytics and processing platform includes:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Time spent in-store
  • Satisfaction upon leaving the store

Each of these capabilities will deliver enormous insights to advance the retailers’ understanding of their customer base, trends within their customer base and trends in sales. Harnessing this power to fine tune a retailer’s marketing spend will translate into meaningful insights and create relevant, personalized marketing campaigns to prompt purchases.

Detailed reporting with unlimited history and multi-store comparisons are available. Additionally, Flashgate Enterprise can be integrated with your corporate data warehouse and/or CRM systems. Flashgate’s flexible API can be used to connect with any internal database or to third party vendor solutions such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft and IBM. All delivered for no capital cost to the retailer. Flashgate Enterprise gives retailers a better understanding of their instore consumer.